“1997, Missy. If we made it through 1997, we can make it through anything.”
1997 was the year we married.
But it was so much more than just a wedding.
In 1997….
We were dealing with the aftermath of my dad’s massive stroke.
We were building a house.
Jon was in the police academy.
I was just out of college and starting my new job at 10tv.
We were planning our wedding.
Life was a roller coaster.
And we survived.
By the end of the year, we were married, the house was built, Jon was working for Hilliard PD and my dad was slowly recovering.
Since then, it feels like everything and nothing has changed all at the same time.
A job change for me.
A huge life change in getting healthy together.
We both discovered new passions, new ministries, renewed our faith in God.
Jon found his calling in working with high school kids.
I found a way to get out of tv and still tell awesome stories and help others 😃
We did it TOGETHER.
It’s been 20 years since that day we walked down the aisle together… hand in hand… ready to start a new chapter as a married couple.
It was a scary year and we’ve had fears and doubts come to life right in front of us since then… but never ever have I doubted you, Jon.
Thank you for being more than my husband.
Thank you for showing me love and grace and kindness and faith.
You make me stronger every day.
We are stronger every day.
Happy 20th Anniversary ❤️



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