Financial Freedom through Coaching

How fitness coaching is getting me fit, physically and financially

Coaching has helped us financially and physically“I can pay our mortgage with my monthly coaching earnings.”

That’s been my standard answer when someone asks me how lucrative coaching is for me. It’s a nice way to put coaching in perspective for those friends and family who are truly curious about how coaching has helped our family.

I’ve been saying it so long, that as my coaching business has grown, I’ve just kept saying it. I don’t like to discuss money. It’s not why I started coaching and it’s not why I continue to do it. So saying “it pays my mortgage” is a nice, succinct answer.

I’ve found most people are generally curious… When they see me working and helping others, they want to make sure I’m being compensated for giving my time to them. Since I do have a full time job in addition to coaching, they want to make sure I’m getting something in return. Trust me – what I get in return is far more than monetary.

Nowadays, I don’t really pay attention to the checks… we get paid weekly and when the checks come in, I use them for the extras in life, or to make a bigger payment on a bill. They have helped me not stress about money and have given me a way to give more to family, friends, our church. They have been a blessing – in more ways than one.

Since I don’t really pay attention to the checks… something recently caught me off guard.

I can still say they can pay our mortgage… but I didn’t realize I could actually be paying double our mortgage with those checks now.

DOUBLE our mortgage.

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