A New Approach to How I Coach

AKA The Only Constant in Life is Change

You might have noticed that my social media posts are shifting a bit.
That I’m still working out, but I’m not posting a ton of workout videos.
That I’m still learning about nutrition, but I haven’t been sharing my meals.

I stepped back.

I took November and December to evaluate me. Not just coaching or nutrition, but how these things have evolved over the past 6 years. How they’ve shaped where I am now. How they fit into my life today, as opposed to my life one, two or even 5 years ago.

I’ve had an interesting last half of the year. I’ve questioned and challenged and have learned a lot. Is coaching the same for me as it was when I started this journey? Do I feel I’m giving value in sharing workouts and meals on social media? Where is my heart? Where is my passion? Has it changed? Shifted? Refocused?

What is my purpose?
Is it still to encourage others on their health and fitness journeys?
Or is there more to it than that?

I started coaching because it was turning into a passion. Working out was something I never thought I’d enjoy. I saw it as a necessary evil to lose weight – and then I’d stop. It wasn’t until I discovered Insanity, Shaun T and the Beachbody community did I realize that exercise could be an uplifting and empowering experience. That’s why I decided to coach.

I still believe in Beachbody. I believe in the programs and the mission to end the trend of obesity. I believe there are amazing coaches and groups and nutritional supplements and plans to help others on their health and fitness journey.

I believe health and fitness is not one size fits all.
I believe we can all find a way to feed and move our bodies that brings happiness AND health into our lives. Sometimes it just takes a little more digging and discovering to find those ways.

I didn’t start coaching with the hopes that it would be a business for me. But it definitely turned into that. And with a business mindset came goals – client goals, earning goals, rank goals. They were goals that helped me get past my fears, helped me reach more people, make new friends, find new kindred spirits. But they were also goals that brought stress, comparison and obsession into my world. Dark and light. Good and bad.

I’ve learned when my passion turns to comparison and competition, be it with myself or others, it starts to lose its spark.

Stepping back

I stepped back because I started to resent posting on social media. I started to rebel against the expectations. I didn’t want someone else deciding what it would take for me to be considered a “successful” coach. Coaching had become routine. Uninspired. Just checking another box on my to-do list. That wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair to my clients & coaching team, it wasn’t fair to my family and it certainly wasn’t fair to me. So I stopped. For two months I stopped.

This is what I found out:

I missed my community. Not the big Beachbody community, but my personal band of buddies, my friends – old and new – who decided they wanted to get healthier with me by their side.

I didn’t miss the pressure. The pressure of hitting a goal. The pressure of “networking”. The pressure of inviting. The pressure of posting on social media with a call to action and a promotion.

I missed sharing… when I felt inspired to share. I didn’t miss sharing because I needed to post 3 times a day on Facebook.

Am I finished with coaching?

After taking this time off I can safely say no. No I am not finished with coaching. I’m also not finished with Beachbody. But I am finished with hype. I’m finished with putting someone else’s expectations upon myself.

So what’s next?

You won’t see me on social media or writing a blog post if I’m not inspired to do it. I’m not forcing it anymore. I’m not checking boxes and I’m not adopting someone else’s standards. I’m doing what feels right, inspired and true to who I am. Because forcing it isn’t real life. That’s just pretending.

I’m also going to share more than just health and fitness. That eyeshadow primer I can’t go a day without? You’re going to know what it is, too. The latest in my search for a non-toxic deodorant or skin care regimen for my 44-year-old skin? You’re coming with me, sister. The latest book that’s captured my heart? You’re going to hear about it. Why? Because I’m more than workouts and dinner pics. I’m a creative, passionate and multi-faceted woman who has more to share.

I’m always looking for ways to improve. It’s my jam. A new gadget, app, book, program… when I find it, I share it. Those who live with me, at work and at home, know this about me. VERY WELL. It dawned on me recently that these things are worth sharing with you, too.

So now I’m planning to build on my community that’s grown with me over the past 6 years. I’m inviting anyone who wants to share their victories and struggles in a safe place with others who are working on getting healthier. A new community for all of us to work on our own health & fitness – that includes nutrition, workouts, well being, mental health, self-care – you name it. Anything that helps you be a better version of yourself – we’re going to tackle it together.

My approach to coaching:

  • I’m on my journey, just like you. Translation: I don’t have all the answers
  • I don’t believe in shaming anyone into working out or eating a certain way
  • I also believe we have to be honest with ourselves and curious about our habits – from the good ones we want to keep, to the not-so-healthy ones we’d like to change
  • I believe willpower is not a sustainable approach to habit forming – let’s figure out what makes you successful and work with that
  • Your journey won’t look like mine or your mom’s/sister’s/friend’s – and that is more than ok – that’s AWESOME

I am here to empower you to make changes – seeing you discover what works for you is what makes coaching rewarding for me – not seeing Missy clones 🙂

How do I want us to feel?

  • I want to feel like I am empowering my clients to find their strength, trust their instincts and make the changes they want to make
  • I want to feel like I am part of something that’s full of strength and beauty in the everyday little changes that we make to become better versions of ourselves
  • I want to feel uplifted, supported and accepted, and I want my clients, coaches and group members to feel the same
  • Do you want to learn more? Are you curious or have questions? I’ve written up a little Q&A to address some of the changes I’m making and my hopes for this new community. You can find it here.

Are you ready to jump in? I have a quick form for you to help us get started. You can find it here: A Healthy Start to 2018



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