Your Time to Shine

Let your light shine from within... because others want to see it and you are made to share it

True story: When I was little, I would get “lost” in Kmart to hear my name over the loudspeaker.

“Attention Kmart shoppers… we have a lost little girl named Missy….”

I used to love the spotlight.
I wanted to be “announced” 😉

Somewhere along the way, I lost that.
I faded into the background.

I became the friend who was quiet and listened and watched everything and everyone – and didn’t dare step into the spotlight.

I was afraid.
I didn’t want to fail.
I didn’t want to look silly.

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Stop Hustling

Your Permission Slip to Slow Down

I have a problem with the word “hustle”.

You can call it a “side hustle” you can say you’re “hustling to build a business/future/freedom”. Call it what you want, but the word hustle conjures up a couple of negative associations for me:

  • Con – as in to hustle someone for money
  • Exhaustion – working so hard toward a goal that you neglect yourself and others (who you’re usually telling yourself you’re working hard for) 

And you can say “hustle with heart” or “good thing comes to those who hustle”…

but I will still not get on board.

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Fit for Summer – New Group Announcement!

Fit for summerOh boy, here we go!
The unofficial start to summer is HERE.

I know I started pulling out the shorts and swimsuits this week and reflecting on the past few months. Have I built a summer body? Or do I need to course correct?

Either way – it’s hard to reach those goals without someone giving you a little (or a lot of) support along the way… and that’s where I come in!!

I have made it my J-O-B to help women, like myself, get on track with taking care of themselves. To see that they are WORTH the time and effort it takes to make healthy changes… and those healthy changes don’t just mean a smaller pant size… they mean a healthier body AND attitude.

The ability to run with the kids without getting winded.
The opportunity to shop for clothes without feeling self-conscious and frustrated.
The confidence that comes with knowing we’re on our way to becoming even more awesome than we already are ❤️

This June, we’re going to be focused around eating right, quick workouts (30 minutes, tops!!), and getting in the mindset for healthy change.

We’re starting June 6 with a week of preparation – because I want to help you build the foundation for LASTING change. Not a quick fix.

All you need to do is COMMIT! I will support you, figure out the best workouts for you and your goals, provide you with healthy recipes & snack ideas and be with you as you take these steps to a healthier you! What do you have to lose?!

Fill out the form below and we’ll make sure this is the right group for you!


Why I’m a coach

Why do I coach?

This is my story.

I recorded this video for a coaching meeting –

I wanted to talk about why I coach… my motivation and my inspiration. My hope is that it inspires you, too.

Do you have questions about coaching?
Want to get started on your own health and fitness journey?
Do not hesitate to reach out. That’s why I’m here.

Financial Freedom through Coaching

How fitness coaching is getting me fit, physically and financially

Coaching has helped us financially and physically“I can pay our mortgage with my monthly coaching earnings.”

That’s been my standard answer when someone asks me how lucrative coaching is for me. It’s a nice way to put coaching in perspective for those friends and family who are truly curious about how coaching has helped our family.

I’ve been saying it so long, that as my coaching business has grown, I’ve just kept saying it. I don’t like to discuss money. It’s not why I started coaching and it’s not why I continue to do it. So saying “it pays my mortgage” is a nice, succinct answer.

I’ve found most people are generally curious… When they see me working and helping others, they want to make sure I’m being compensated for giving my time to them. Since I do have a full time job in addition to coaching, they want to make sure I’m getting something in return. Trust me – what I get in return is far more than monetary.

Nowadays, I don’t really pay attention to the checks… we get paid weekly and when the checks come in, I use them for the extras in life, or to make a bigger payment on a bill. They have helped me not stress about money and have given me a way to give more to family, friends, our church. They have been a blessing – in more ways than one.

Since I don’t really pay attention to the checks… something recently caught me off guard.

I can still say they can pay our mortgage… but I didn’t realize I could actually be paying double our mortgage with those checks now.

DOUBLE our mortgage.

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There’s Still Time for Your Dreams

There's Still Time for Your Dreams
I used to say that – all the time.
My first question when my husband asked if I wanted to start a fitness program with him:
“When will we do it? We don’t have time for that.”
My response when my coach asked me if I’d thought about being a coach:
“That’s funny. I have two kids, a husband and a full time job. When will I have time to coach??”
It’s been three years since I said those words…. and look at where I am today. Somehow, I found the time… and boy, am I glad I did.
So many people think they don’t have time to work out.
They don’t have time to eat healthy.
They don’t have time to build their dreams.
They don’t have time to help others get healthy.
I call shenanigans.
Trust me, I know.
I work out for 30 minutes a day.
I spend about an hour a day coaching my team and my fitness groups.
3 years ago, do you know what that hour and a half would have been spent on? Watching TV. Hours of TV. LOTS of TV. Not anymore.
Now, I’m happier, healthier and more financially stable.
And guess what? So is my family.
There’s still time for your dreams.
Whether it’s to get healthy once and for all and STICK with it…
or to build a business that creates a life of freedom…
or BOTH.
There’s time.
I can show you how I do it, and help you figure it out for yourself.

I can’t do what you do…

Why anyone who wants to help others can coach

Missy CoachMonday nights are some of my favorites!! Say WHAT?!?
That’s because it’s my night to connect with my team of coaches. Share what I’ve learned with them and hear what they might need advice and help with. It’s a chance for us to take time as a team and come together to work toward helping others get healthy.
But you know what cracks me up? When someone looks at what I do as a coach and says, “oh, I could never do what you do”.
I’m no super woman.
I’m no professional speaker.
Shoot. I’m not even a fitness or nutrition expert.
You know what I am?
I am a woman who decided:

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Someone needs to hear your story

My hero, my sister

“Only God can turn

A mess into a message

A test into a testimony

A trial into a triumph

A victim into a victory”


Have you ever gone through something that simply sucks?

When it feels like there will never be an end to the sadness and pain?


This woman. My sister. She went through HELL AND BACK a few years ago.

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