Two New Workouts and Two New Shakeology Flavors

April 2017 Announcements

Hey guys! We’ve been busy over here in Team Beachbody-land this morning.

It’s our quarterly meeting known as Super Saturday – and today’s was EXTRA super, thanks to some exciting new announcements: 2 new workouts and 2 new Shakeology flavors!!

Read on to learn more, and I’ll be adding/expanding this post as I get more details:

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Changes to 21 Day Fix and Portion Fix Nutrition Plans

You want your almond milk? You got it!

It’s been 3 years since the 21 Day Fix debuted. Can you believe that? 3 years since those little colored containers came into our lives and turned around how we think of portion control and macronutrients. Unbelievable. And now, changes are being made to the nutrition plan. Changes I think you’ll love!!

How it Works

If you’re new to the 21 Day Fix phenomenon, seriously, where have you been? Pinterest is overrun with 21 Day Fix recipes (though some aren’t truly 21 Day Fix compliant), there have been knock-off containers, and imitation workouts – but none compare to the simple concept of the 21 Day Fix (also known as Portion Fix when not paired with a program’s nutrition plan).

Here’s a simple example of how it works:

  • Each colored container corresponds to a different food group – proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats & oils
  • Based on your caloric needs & goals, you get assigned a calorie “bracket”
  • Each bracket allows for a certain number of containers a day
  • You eat your allotted containers every day

Do this and you end up eating healthy, clean foods and start to lose weight without counting calories. You also start to learn what a proper portion size of protein, starches, and veggies really look like – it’s quite eye opening.

Changes to Beverages

Shakeology Base Liquids

Now that you have the background, we’re changing up the program. Let’s start with liquids – from your Shakeology bases to those adult beverages – there are some new guidelines.

The Shakeology base list helps you customize your daily shake. Pick a base from the list below, add it to your shake, and count the corresponding container in your tally sheet or 21 Day Fix app.

Since most of us who love our unsweetened almond milk use it in our shakes daily, 8 ounces now counts as 1 tsp. I think seeing these options to the right can really help your creative shake-making process 🙂 

Shakeology Bases

8oz. of Unsweetened Almond Milk = 1 tsp.
8oz. of Low fat Milk =  1 yellow & 1/2 tsp.
8oz. of Unsweetened Soy Milk = 1/2 red
8oz. of Unsweetened Coconut Milk = 1 tsp.
8oz. of Unsweetened Rice Milk = 1 yellow
8oz. of Unsweetened Coconut Water = 1/2 yellow

Beer, Wine & Liquor

Another big change – ALCOHOL. There’s no doubt one of the big attractions of the 21 Day Fix is the allowance of adult beverages. Now, we’re not saying you should be having a glass of wine every evening, you’re still limited to having one 3 times a week. Not a bad trade off, if you’re looking to get healthy.

Alcoholic Beverages

5oz. of Wine =  1 yellow
12oz 0f Light Beer = 1 yellow
12oz of Regular Beer = 1.5 yellow
1.5oz of Hard Alcohol = 1 yellow

Treats & Snacks


If an adult beverage isn’t your style – you can have a treat or snack 3 times a week (if you like both adult beverages and chocolate or chips – still keep all treats to 3 a week to see results!).

Dried apricots, unsweetened (4 pieces) – 1 Purple
Dried figs (2 pieces) – 1 Purple
Medjool dates (1 pieces) – 1 Purple
Raisins (2 mini-boxes, 3 Tbsp., or approx. 45 pieces) – 1 Purple
Dried mango, unsweetened (2 pieces) – 1 Purple
Dried cranberries (2 Tbsp. or approx. 30 pieces) – 1 Yellow
Dried apple rings, unsweetened (approx. 7 rings) – 1 Purple
Dark chocolate, plain (1.5″x1.5″ square, 1 fun sized bar, or approx. 25 morsels) – 1 Yellow


If salty snacks are more your speed… don’t worry. Chips, pretzels and popcorns are also allowed in your weekly treats.

Potato Chips, plain kettle (6 chips) – 1 Yellow
Tortilla chips, plain corn (6 chips) – 1 Yellow
Mini pretzels (14 pretzels) – 1 Yellow
Peanut butter pretzel nuggets (12 pieces) – 1 Yellow, 2 tsp.
Chocolate covered raisins (20 pieces) – ½ Purple, ½ Yellow
Chocolate covered almonds (6 pieces) – ½ Blue, ½ Yellow
Popcorn mix with raisins, almonds, and dried fruit (1 cup, ¼ of recipe) – ½ Purple, ½ Blue

More Questions?

Do you have more questions about the 21 Day Fix or Portion Fix? Feel free to comment below or contact me and I’d be happy to help – and even coach you through the program to hit your goals! And if you want to read more, check out this post on the Beachbody Blog. Happy snacking!!

Product Review: New Cafe Latte Shakeology

The first sip review is in – the latest Shakeology flavor of Cafe Latte arrived on our doorstep yesterday and I could not wait to bust it out and try it 🙂 So this morning, I shot a quick, first sip reaction video for you 🙂

Take a look! And if you’re interested in WHY I love Shakeology – even though I started as a total SKEPTIC – read up here: What is Shakeology?

Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Shakeology Bites

MissyFit Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Shakeology BitesSo tell me friends, what do you do when you have a recipe that calls for 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree? What do you DO with the rest of that can of pumpkin? Does it sit in your fridge and get… well… not-so-desirable? I’ll tell you what you do! You make Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Shakeology Bites! That’s what you do!!

These little nuggets of pumpkin-love are full of cinnamon-clove-nutmeg spicy goodness, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin, a Chocolate superfood powder, called Shakeology, and mini chocolate chips.

I took a chance mixing these up last night, not sure what I had gotten myself in to, but I am happy to report, these got a thumbs up from the husband, the 7-year-old and me. There’s something very warm-spicy about these bites… they make me think of fall and crisp leaves and family gatherings. I’m not joking here. This is fall flavor, in a little bite sized pop in the mouth.

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My Go-To Chocolate Shakeology Recipe

What’s for breakfast? This is my non-negotiable, every single stinkin’ day breakfast. It fuels me with superfoods, macronutrients, micronutrients, fiber, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogen herbs, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes (just to name a few) 🙂 It’s Shakeology.

It’s a nutrition shake. Not just a protein shake.

Questions? Feel free to ask me!! I’ve been drinking it for years and it’s helped me bust through plateaus, and curbed junk food and sweets cravings – but the BIGGEST benefit for me is the fact that I feel it’s boosted my immunity. I no longer get colds like I used to. They’re a blip on my radar and gone. Not a week+ battle against the ickies. That’s worth it’s weight in gold to me – especially when my kids are bringing home germs every day from school.

Click Here to Learn More about Shakeology!

DIY Acaì Bowl

Don't look under the fruit!

Have you seen those REALLY pretty acaì bowls and pitaya bowls? Oh my goodness.  If you haven’t, look here and here.

Ok… how AWESOME do those look? Gorgeous? Yummy? YES! So OF COURSE I wanted to make my own. I was inspired. I was ready. I was hungry.

I knew I had ALMOST all of the makings in my fridge and pantry.
Berries? Check.
Bananas? Check.
Berries? Check.
Almonds? Check.

I just needed pitaya (dragon fruit) or acaì berries. Hmmm…. I knew I had seen pitaya at the grocery. Heck, I even bought it not long ago, and brought it home for the family to try. We loved it! So back to the store we went. And they were…. out. BUMMER!!!

So I figured I’d just make a bowl without the pitaya. ONWARD!! I wanted some frozen pineapple to throw in the bowl, to give it a icy/smoothie consistency – without ice. And as I was walking down the frozen food aisle, I spotted this:

Acaì Berry

Ahhh!! Can you hear the trumpets?? The heavens rejoicing?? It might not be pitaya, but it is acaì! Another trendy little superfood that’s showing up in smoothie bowls all over the place. Score!! And it’s in frozen, pureed smoothie packs!! Double score!! I took this little bag home with a skip in my step.

Once we got home, I gathered all of my ingredients:


I even grabbed a packet of Greenberry Shakeology to throw in there. I love it in my fruit smoothies, so I knew it would be good in my smoothie bowl. I ended up taking my 21 Day Fix containers and measuring out my fruits (ok, I used 3 purples instead of my allotted 2). And then threw the pineapple, Greenberry Shakeology and Acaì packet into the blender. And I blended. And blended. And blended.

Word to the wise: let the acaì packet warm up a bit before you blend. Once I got everything blended together, I was faced with….. this:

Acaì bowl? or sludge?

Ewwwww. Seriously?? It looked like SLUDGE. Not pretty and purple. It looked brown. I blame the Greenberry Shakeology packet. It is GREEN. So you have green + yellow pineapple + purple acaì = ew.

But I soldiered on!! I got my berries, banana and almonds and it looked much better:

DIY Acaì Bowl

And it tasted delish. I’m not kidding. I will be making this again this weekend. But I might try it with Vanilla Shakeology instead 😉

So that was my first smoothie bowl experience. Have you ever had one? If you have – share your experience below!! It was a little different – like sorbet with fruit mixed in. It was a fun way to switch up my breakfast, and adding the Shakeology in there fortified it with a lot more vitamins & nutrients.