Two New Workouts and Two New Shakeology Flavors

April 2017 Announcements

Hey guys! We’ve been busy over here in Team Beachbody-land this morning.

It’s our quarterly meeting known as Super Saturday – and today’s was EXTRA super, thanks to some exciting new announcements: 2 new workouts and 2 new Shakeology flavors!!

Read on to learn more, and I’ll be adding/expanding this post as I get more details:

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Core De Force – Your Questions Answered

Curious about the ins & outs of Core De Force? You've come to the right place!

Core De Force

On Monday, we’re going to get another sneak peek at our latest workout program – Core De Force. I am SO EXCITED. I did the first sneak peek on October 3rd and absolutely loved what I saw. So here’s hoping we have a different workout to try on Monday!

Whenever a new program is coming out, there’s information that is shared with coaches before the launch – but a lot of times, we get it in little doses. So I’ve put together a litte Q&A for you!!

But before you read on, if you haven’t check out my full write up on the program, you can read that here: Core De Force. Now, to the Questions and Answers!

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Fit for Summer – New Group Announcement!

Fit for summerOh boy, here we go!
The unofficial start to summer is HERE.

I know I started pulling out the shorts and swimsuits this week and reflecting on the past few months. Have I built a summer body? Or do I need to course correct?

Either way – it’s hard to reach those goals without someone giving you a little (or a lot of) support along the way… and that’s where I come in!!

I have made it my J-O-B to help women, like myself, get on track with taking care of themselves. To see that they are WORTH the time and effort it takes to make healthy changes… and those healthy changes don’t just mean a smaller pant size… they mean a healthier body AND attitude.

The ability to run with the kids without getting winded.
The opportunity to shop for clothes without feeling self-conscious and frustrated.
The confidence that comes with knowing we’re on our way to becoming even more awesome than we already are ❤️

This June, we’re going to be focused around eating right, quick workouts (30 minutes, tops!!), and getting in the mindset for healthy change.

We’re starting June 6 with a week of preparation – because I want to help you build the foundation for LASTING change. Not a quick fix.

All you need to do is COMMIT! I will support you, figure out the best workouts for you and your goals, provide you with healthy recipes & snack ideas and be with you as you take these steps to a healthier you! What do you have to lose?!

Fill out the form below and we’ll make sure this is the right group for you!


Burpee Tuck Jumps

Move of the Day

Today’s move is a Burpee Tuck Jump. Burpees are the full body exercise we love to hate – and when you throw a tuck jump in at the end? look out!!!

Things to keep in mind – keep your core tight the whole time and land softly.

Try 4 sets of 15 for serious calorie burn.

Do you love burpees? Or hate them? Personally, I don’t mind them at all – but that tuck jump at the end? OOF.