A New Fitness Community: Details and FAQ

As I mentioned in this post, I’m building a new community. One that isn’t focused on a particular program or eating plan. Just a group of women who are looking to improve. Be that fitness, nutrition, meditation, prayer, self-care – you name it, we’re tackling it.

I’m guessing for many of you who have been in my groups before, you might have a few questions about this new community. So here goes!!

Quick overview

I’m creating a group that will be more of a long-term community and run inside the Challenge Tracker App.

Why? I missed my groups. I missed you guys. I missed celebrating victories and getting through challenges together.

What didn’t I miss? Pressure. Pressure to post. Pressure to recruit and grow. Pressure to plan plan plan.

And that’s how I came to this place.

Here are the details:

What: A new community for all of us to work on our own health & fitness – that includes nutrition, workouts, well being, mental health, self-care – you name it. Anything that helps you be a better version of yourself – we’re going to tackle it.

When: Kicking off Monday 1/8 (end date: indefinite) come and go as needed

Where: My Challenge Tracker App

Who: You’re all invited

You do need a teambeachbody.com account to be invited, that’s how the app works. You can join here (this will assign me as your coach): Make Missy your coach.

How: I won’t be posting every day at 5am like I have in my past groups, I plan on posting little questions, challenges and articles, but as they seem appropriate. We will keep the nightly check-ins for those who need that accountability.

I’ll also have coaches and group members helping me with the community – part of making this change for me means not putting pressure on myself to do it all. Talk to me if you’d like to be a moderator or group champion!


* Do I have to do a Beachbody program?
* No, you do not have to do a Beachbody program to be in the group.

* Do I have to drink shakeology?
* No, you do not have to drink shakeology.

* Do you have to be my coach?
* No, I do not have to be your coach – the group is open to my clients and the clients of my coaching teammates

* Do I have to check in daily?
* No you do not. You can pop in and out of the group as it fits your time and lifestyle. I will say being active in the group will most definitely help you make the changes you want to see – rather than joining and not getting involved

* Do I have to follow the container system?
* Not at all. The container system is an excellent way to learn portion sizes and macronutrient breakdown – but it’s not the only way to find what works for you

Any more questions? Comment below.
Ready to join? Just fill out the name and email form right here!

Join Missy for a Healthy 2018!



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