Online Accountability Groups

Believe you can and you willAccountability counts. 

We can do this alone, sure. 

But making healthy changes together means:

*we succeed together

*we don’t do this alone

*we lift each other up

*we celebrate our victories

*we make changes that last


Strong women lift each other up.

Kind women give grace to others as well as ourselves.

Real women know no one is perfect.


I am passionate about helping women discover their strength.

I am committed to helping them get results.


I know I can help you. 



Because I once saw myself as a woman destined to just be bigger.

I once believed that since I was never an athlete, I’d never be fit.

I was once intimidated by the thought of exercise…

and believed I could never stick with a healthy lifestyle.


I was wrong.


Here’s how I changed –

and how I can help you do the same.




I always saw diet and exercise as a means to an end.

A way to get in a smaller size.

A way to hit a number on a scale.


Not nutrition and fitness.

But restriction and torture.


Who wants to stick with that for a lifetime?


But I learned…

It’s about fueling your body for health.

And doing exercise that fits YOUR goals and personality.


Health isn’t restriction.

It’s smart choices.


It’s knowing when to eat for fun and when to make the healthier choice (that still tastes wonderful!!)


It’s about proving to yourself that you CAN make changes.

You can do one more rep.

You can try a new exercise.

You can conquer a program that once intimidated you.


Before - I had no idea that starting a workout program would change me SO MUCH. After - happy, healthy and growing and learning.

Before – I had no idea that starting a workout program would change me SO MUCH. After – happy, healthy and growing and learning.

For me, it started back in 2012 when I knew I had to make changes… so I agreed to attempt Insanity with my husband. I thought just get me through these 9 weeks and then we can stop.


I never even imagined that decision would change the whole trajectory of my body… my spirit… my life.


I spent a nausea-inducing $120 on that program.

I decided if I was going to spend the money… I was going to commit to it.

I had “skin in the game”, as they say.


When we pressed play that first day, I SUCKED.

I sucked wind.

I sucked at push ups.

I sucked at endurance.

I was NOT the picture of fitness.

More like the picture of floundering and flailing.


But I kept pushing play.

And the changes came.


I met my coach during that first 9 weeks.

She invited me to join her accountability group.

It was EXACTLY what I needed to keep going.


That’s why I’m here now.

Because accountability is what has kept me going for 3+ years.

I am 100% positive of that fact. 


Going Not PerfectSo what do you get in an accountability group?

  • Daily motivation and personal development help
  • Guidance for setting goals
  • Daily check ins (ACCOUNTABILITY)
  • Recipes
  • Nutrition tips
  • Strategies for meals out, parties and frantic schedules
  • Your workout program of choice
  • Your superfood packed nutrition drink – Shakeology

So what’s the cost? 

You only pay for your workout program and your Shakeology.


Each group runs for 4 weeks total – which includes a pre-game “prep” week.


You get me as a coach for as long as you need me and want to work with me. I don’t leave my clients behind!


How do you get started? 

All you need to do is purchase your workout program & supplements – no extra charge or hidden coaching cost.


My coaching is free.

The support is free. 

The experience is priceless.


What do I get? 

A challenge pack delivered to your doorstep – complete with workout program dvds, eating plan, nutrition guide, a free month of Beachbody on Demand (streaming workouts – including your program of choice) and your first month of Shakeology in your choice of flavor.

Online, you’ll be entered into my private online group –

which is run in an app designed to help you track your workouts, meals and progress.

In the group, we’ll start by setting goals…

you’ll get a meal planning and prep guide full of tips and strategies…

daily guidance & support from me…

meal plans & recipe ideas.


Are you ready for change? 

We don’t diet. 

We eat to fuel our bodies. 

We eat for health and results. 


We’re not in to restriction or punishment –

we focus on moderation and modification.

Because progress is progress…. no matter what speed you’re at.


couple transformation: missy & jonLet’s do this!! 

Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Click here
  2. Create an account and sign up for a FREE basic membership
  3. Choose the challenge pack that fits your goals (if you’re not sure – we can talk about which one is best for you!)
  4. Email me at with the subject – “Let’s go!!”


Fill out the application below!!

I can’t wait to get started with you!!