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Body Beast Women
So what is Body Beast?
Body Beast is a 90 day lifting program – it includes 12 workouts that blend the best of old-school resistance training with Dynamic Set Training. It’s designed to help you shed fat, pack on lean muscle, build strength, and get definition, and developed by champion bodybuilder and clinical nutritionist Sagi Kalev.

I’m currently in my second round of Body Beast and I love it. It’s actually a nice break from some of the kicked up cardio workouts I love to do, and I know I’m building muscle – which actually allows me to eat a little more, too. Making it a great program for the Fall 🙂

So WHO is Body Beast for?

  • Men and women looking to build defined muscle
  • Graduates of other extreme fitness programs who want to focus on weight loss and building lean muscle mass
  • Men and women who work out but aren’t getting the results they’ve hoped for
  • Weight-lifting enthusiasts looking for a comprehensive at-home program

Check out this video to learn more:

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Can women do Body Beast?

Absolutely. Body Beast is designed to promote muscle growth with limited cardio. That doesn’t mean you won’t burn calories or reduce your body fat. The program uses a technique called Dynamic Set Training™ that maximizes your muscular pump, caloric burn, and testosterone-filled hormonal cascades in order to create rapid changes in your body composition, whether you are male or female.

How does a woman benefit from weight lifting?

As you age, you lose muscle mass. Through weight lifting, you can help offset this and increase your bone density. Women who lift weights during their teen and young adult years benefit as adults. Stronger muscles and denser bones make walking up stairs, carrying the groceries, and lifting your children easier. But that’s not all. When you weight train properly, you can improve your balance and build muscles that protect your joints, which helps ward off injury.

Weight training also has a positive effect on disease control and prevention. According to the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Diabetes Association, people with diabetes can experience “improved insulin sensitivity, improved glucose tolerance…and a lower risk for heart disease.” To see results, they recommend strength training at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Will I become huge and burly?

No. Women simply don’t have enough testosterone to build bulk like men do. If you’re worried about bulking, focus on how many calories you’re eating. That includes calories from protein. Contrary to another fitness myth, excess dietary protein is stored as fat. Unless you’re supplementing your diet with a testosterone-enhancing hormone cocktail and overeating, it’s almost impossible for a woman to get bulky.

Can I use it as a weight loss program?

While BB is structured to help you gain lean muscle, whether this means that you ultimately gain or lose weight is reflected in your diet. Increased muscle mass speeds up your metabolism. If you don’t overeat you’ll burn body fat like butter. If you want to get huge, you’ll need to eat and eat to support your new muscle. The Book of Beast shows how to do both.

What is the difference between the Huge and the Lean Beast?

There are two different Beast training schedules: Huge and Lean, both of which come in the Body Beast kit. If you are solely focused on getting big, follow the Huge Beast schedule. It focuses on building muscle with heavy weights and little cardio. If you choose the Lean Beast schedule, you’ll do more cardio and spend additional time shredding in the third phase of the program, the Beast phase.

Why would a women need testosterone?

A woman’s body produces testosterone, just not at the level of a man’s. Testosterone strengthens the libido, provides a sense of well-being, and improves muscle tone. The training in Body Beast increases your testosterone levels so that you benefit from all of the above. Beachbody does not recommend taking synthetic forms of testosterone as these can shut down your natural testosterone production.

Do I have to eat all that food?

If you don’t want to gain mass, use a caloric calculator from a different Beachbody program: P90X, P90X2, INSANITY, THE ASYLUM, TurboFire, etc. After you’ve calculated your caloric content, use the portions and recipes in the Body Beast guidebook. If you’re looking to be a Huge Beast, stick with the Body Beast guidebook and supplements. Some women want to gain as much mass as possible, and the crux of becoming an Amazon is eating enough.

While not all women will be interested in Body Beast, if done correctly, it can add effectiveness to almost any exercise program. But if you’re someone who has always envied Xena’s physique, Body Beast might just be the program to release your inner warrior princess.

You are NOT Alone!
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