Reintroduction & Food Freedom

What do these words mean?

That’s it. It is finished. The Whole30 + 10 days of reintroduction. To say I have a whole new perspective on food would be accurate.

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So…. if we went over weeks 1, 2, 3 AND did a recap and look ahead… what the heck is this post about?


Reintroduction is officially over.
We spent the last 10 days adding in different food groups: legumes, dairy, non-gluten grains and then finally – gluten.

What I can tell you from our reintroduction is this: too much of a good thing is just too much. Since our “fast track” reintroduction called for us to basically load up on those foods – not eat in excess, per say, but rather eat a little with almost every meal. And that was just too much.

Earlier this week Jon told me he feels much better while eating Whole30. I agreed. So we talked and decided we’d like to continue eating Whole30, and add in non-Whole30 meals or treats when we feel it’s worth it. That’s our Food Freedom right now. Eating how we feel best. Keeping out the added sugar, avoiding gluten, most legumes (peanut butter will most likely be back regularly for Jon and occasionally for me), keeping dairy and non-gluten grains to an absolute minimum.

What does it MEAN?!?!

Does this mean the Whit’s and weekend pizzas or adult beverages are gone food good? Heck no. Would that be food freedom? Heck no. What it does mean is that we’ll make sure it’s truly what we want to eat and that we will absolutely enjoy every bite – rather than eating it out of convenience or habit and on auto-pilot.

And guess what? If I don’t enjoy how I feel AFTER eating those “worth it” things – I’ll evaluate if it’s worth it to eat them again. Or as much. That’s my food freedom.

As a coach, I see too much restriction and bingeing.
Too much, “I’ve been so good. I deserve to be ‘bad’”.
It’s not BAD to have ice cream or cake or pizza or fries.
It’s just less healthy than salad or salmon or strawberries.
It doesn’t make you a bad person.
It’s just a food choice.

My goal is to continue to learn about me.
Figuring out the foods that make me feel my best.
Figuring out the foods that send me on a sugar bender.
Figuring out the foods that make my body feel like a million bucks and the ones that make me feel like garbage.

My food freedom won’t look like your food freedom.
And that’s awesome.
We’re all different.

I will mess up

I also know that I’m going to get off track.
I might have a vacation or a weekend of celebrating and I won’t feel my best.
I won’t make the choices I know are best for me…

And it will all be ok.

Because I know getting back to eating Whole30 will set me back on track.
I know getting the sugar out of my system will kick cravings and crappy feelings to the curb.
I know it’s something that works for me emotionally, mentally and physically.

I also know it’s a safety net (thank you, Melissa Hartwig) to help me get back on track when needed. But it’s not an excuse to throw caution to the wind and call a “what the hell” because I know I have a Whole30 plan to “right my wrongs”. Nope.

With every Whole30 I learn something new about my relationship to food.
How it affects me.
How I relate to it.
How I use it to soothe or celebrate or entertain.

And every single time I come out with a better understanding of that relationship.
And I feel better.

That’s all I can hope for for you, too.

Not to be like me.
But to find your food freedom.



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