Stop Hustling

Your Permission Slip to Slow Down

I have a problem with the word “hustle”.

You can call it a “side hustle” you can say you’re “hustling to build a business/future/freedom”. Call it what you want, but the word hustle conjures up a couple of negative associations for me:

  • Con – as in to hustle someone for money
  • Exhaustion – working so hard toward a goal that you neglect yourself and others (who you’re usually telling yourself you’re working hard for) 

And you can say “hustle with heart” or “good thing comes to those who hustle”…

but I will still not get on board.

I’ve hustled. I’ve worked so hard I’ve lost myself… in a career and a “side hustle”.

You know what makes me feel my best and more often than not brings in good fortune?




For others. For my family. For myself.

You won’t see me hustling anytime soon. I will take time to rest. To take care of my body. To praise and pray. To read and learn. To SLOW DOWN.

Are you tired?

Are you exhausted?

Are you drained?

Stop hustling.

You have my permission to slow down. rest. recharge. unplug.

Go for those goals, yes. Absolutely dream big dreams…

But not to the detriment of your health and well-being.

Rest rebuilds.

Rest recharges.

Rest revitalizes.

You’ll be stronger, sharper, energized – in all aspects of your life (not just that side gig or career).

Stepping back and refusing to hustle doesn’t mean you’ve lost.

It means you’ve found yourself. You’re caring for you.



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