Throwback Thursday

Looking back....

Throwback Thursday

This is my Throwback Thursday. From unhealthy and harried – to balanced and fit – and happy!

While checking in on my 5 Day Clean Eating and my May “Yo Mama’s So Fit” groups tonight, it really HIT me that I’m helping people CHANGE THEIR LIVES. Not just people – but friends, family and people who have become friends and family through my groups. Sometimes, I can hardly believe it’s me doing this – since I know, all too well, where I used to be.

Back in 2012, I was 158 lbs. I’d lost a good amount of the baby weight I had packed on – I was 245 lbs BOTH delivery days – but the scale was starting to creep up. My body always seemed to like that 180 pound mark and I could see the scale headed that way – AGAIN. I had HORRID eating habits. I saw “dieting” as a means to an end. Eat low calorie > lose the weight > go back to your old habits. I didn’t understand the effect bad food was having on my energy, my skin, my mind. 

This is my ‪#‎throwbackthursday‬. I share a lot here about my workouts, my healthy choices, my team of awesome coaches and my amazing group members – but what I don’t talk a lot about is the change I had to go through FIRST, in order to get here. I transformed my health and fitness by educating myself about PROPER nutrition, finding others to hold me accountable to my goals (challenge groups work!!) and finding workouts that inspired, challenged and CHANGED me.

Now I get the chance to pay it forward and help other women experience the same freedom I have found.

Spring is here. Summer is JUST around the corner. I know many of you have been curious about my next group, so here it is!!

My first ever, “FITTING it all in” group will kick off June 1.
Do you want balance? Fitness? Healthy habits? NOT JUST working out – but finding that time for YOU? Your kids? Your husband/sweetheart? You hobbies that you enjoy? ALL while building healthy habits?

Please drop your email below or email and I will reach out and we can just TALK about what it is that you want from this life and your body!



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