Whole30 Recap – Week 2

Read why I started Whole30 here (hint: it’s not about weight loss OR restriction).

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So here we are. The dreaded week 2. Where the shiny and new has worn off your Whole30 and reality is setting in. 30 days seems REALLY long. No sugary sweets. No adult beverages. No winging it for meals. Being planful and mindful is the name of the game.

That being said, here’s what I did not eat this week:

Donuts, waffles and countless other snacks hanging out at the end of my row at work… the crazy thing is – I didn’t want them. When not doing Whole30, I have a general “no extra treats at work” rule for myself. My reasoning is that I’d rather enjoy sweets with my boys, and not while working. But honestly, there are times when I’m tempted. That didn’t happen this week at all.

I’m going to attribute this to the cut in sugar in my diet. I’ve learned that when I eat sweets, I want more sweets. Breaking that cycle is tough for me…. and that’s definitely where I found myself going in to this round of Whole30. I feel so much better knowing that it really only takes me a little over week of no sugar to quiet my sugar dragon down.


Now, on to what I DID eat:

A sampling of my meals:

“Tortilla-less” Chicken Tortilla Soup

A Whole30 compliant salad from Chipotle (carnitas, salsas – not corn salsa, guac and lettuce)

Zoodles with meat sauce made with Whole30 compliant pasta sauce

Roasted chicken, broccoli and cauliflower

Scrambled eggs, sauteed kale, fried plantains and compliant bacon

Roasted chicken & butternut squash prepped for lunches

(not pictured) many many salads. Salad mixes are my BFFs.

My mornings consisted of bulletproof coffee. I was worn out on trying to find a smoothie recipe I liked without my regular Shakeology, so I just gave up for the week and went with adding MCT oil and collagen peptides to my coffee to help hold me over till lunch. If I did find myself wanting a snack, I usually went for some raw pecans or walnuts.

We didn’t make huge plans for dinners this week. We honestly didn’t make plans. We just bought ingredients we knew we’d use and planned out the next day – usually the night before. We have plenty of compliant meat in the freezer and tons of greens and veggies. So every night we’d decide on a plan for the next day, take the appropriate meat out of the fridge and then follow the plan.

You CAN do Whole30 without being a meal planning crazy pants. You just have to stock your pantry and fridge with Whole30 staples and make those easy, quick meals.

The one exception was the night we had the soup. We had forgotten to take the meat out of the freezer and were caught with no backup. It was a gross and rainy day, so I googled “Whole30 Instant Pot Soup” and came up with the chicken tortilla-less soup recipe – it was a winner!!

Today we moved my dad into a new apartment and I knew we’d be on the run all day. As we packed up his old place and hit the road to the new one, I was able to run to Kroger and grab some Rx Bars, apples and water. That was enough to hold us over till we got finished with the move and on to dinner at home. Phew!


Jon (the husband) was really feeling the lethargy this week, so some days we slept in, others I got up to do yoga or some stretching. Definitely not my usual level of activity and that was just fine with me.

I think in the coming week, we’re going to start back up with our usual workouts. We’re talking about tackling 21 Day Fix Extreme again – which will take us a week beyond finishing Whole30. That should be good!


As I mentioned earlier, week 2 was surprisingly easy for me. I didn’t crave crap and that was good. HOWEVER, I did have a dream that Chalene Johnson was trying to get me to eat cinnamon rolls and lollipops. That was bizarre – and strangely enough, totally normal for Whole30.

Wrap Up & Looking Ahead

Now that we’re thisclose to the halfway point, I’m excited to get this September Whole30 wrapped up and start figuring out my Food Freedom. That being said, I know two more weeks are still two more weeks 🙂 We’ll see what they bring, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.



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