Whole30 – Week 3 Recap

"I'm feeling 'saladed' out" - Husband

Here we are… heading into our last 9 days of Whole30. Week 3 is wrapped up and I think it’s safe to say we’re getting a little bored over here. It’s not that the food itself is boring, I think we’re too tired & rushed to try new recipes! So let’s head into our Week 3 Recap, shall we? But first…

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So, how was week 3?


This week we made a return to workouts. We didn’t workout every single day, but we got back to it. We started up with 21 Day Fix Extreme, which is one of my favorite programs in our library. It’s tough. It challenges me. I always gain strength when I do it.

We worked out Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week. Wednesday & Friday, I opted for stretching. It’s crazy how a couple of weeks off from lifting can really throw me for a loop. I was sore and my piriformis (old pain I’ve been fighting for years) got aggravated with me. So I listened to my body and let myself stretch two days this week.


Mornings consisted of my vital proteins collagen smoothies. I’ve been making them using Kelly Leveque’s Fab Four Smoothie formula. So they always contained collagen peptides for protein, spinach for greens, MCT Oil for a healthy fat, chia seeds for fiber & omega-3 fats, unsweetened almond milk, water and frozen blueberries or half a banana.

Lunches this week were salads paired with Safe Catch Tuna. I really like the Lemon Pepper and Garlic & Herb flavors. I’d mix those with some Primal Kitchens mayo and Cleveland Kraut.

Dinners were almost all on the grill this week. Grilled veggies. Grassfed burgers. Organic chicken. We had a few “quick dinner” nights this week, so Jon and I had some serious salads.

Snacks were apples with almond butter or pecans.

Products Saving Our Hides

In addition to whole foods, here are some products and services we’re loving to get us through Whole30:

Butcher Box – This meat delivery service has been wonderful. It’s all grassfed & grass-finished beef and free-range organic chicken delivered to our door once a month.

Green BEAN Delivery – We’ve been Green BEAN customers for a couple of years now. Every Friday we get a box of produce that we choose along with other grocery items like kraut and kombucha.

4Th & Heart Ghee – Butter is a no-no on Whole30, so we’ve been using 4th & Heart Ghee. I love using the California Garlic flavor to sautee greens in.

Cleveland Kraut – I love finding new ways to incorporate sauerkraut into my diet. It’s a fermented food, so it’s healthy for your gut. Cleveland Kraut’s Garlic Dill and Roasted Garlic are my favorites. Jon’s a fan of the Gnar Gnar – though that flavor isn’t Whole30 compliant, so he’s been missing it.

Primal Kitchens Dressings – Several Primal Kitchen dressings are Whole30 approved. We’re loving the Greek and Caesar. I also have been using the mayo in my tuna salad.

Tessemae’s Dressings – Another brand with several Whole30 approved flavors. We’re regularly using the balsamic and ranch. Jon wants to try the habanero ranch.

Safe Catch Tuna – Tuna has been a godsend when we don’t have any chicken prepped for lunches. The flavors are so good, you don’t need any seasoning with them – we’ve been using the Garlic Herb and Citrus Pepper flavors, since they don’t have added sugar.


Mindset is a mix of “I got this” and “I’m sick of reading EVERY label”. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a label reader… but there’s a difference between being aware of your food’s ingredients and looking for something that’s going to pull that food right out of your diet for the duration of 30 days.

Jon said to me today, “I’m kind of ‘saladed’ out”. I get it.

I bought new halo top flavors specifically for after whole30 😳 – I’m not counting down to when I will eat them during reintroduction, but I am looking forward to planning a little family taste test.

Simple planning simple is key – veggies and meat and a little fat – As long as I make sure I have a healthy fat, a protein and veggies, I have a meal. No big recipes. No complicated steps or ingredients.

Assume EVERYTHING has sugar in it – Jon was bummed when he realized his Gnar Gnar had sugar in it. It’s kind of crazy how many spicy things have sugar added to them.

Doing Whole30 and reading Gretchen Rubin’s Better than Before is an awesome pairing – I read Gretchen’s book during this Whole30, right after Food Freedom Forever, and it was so helpful. The book focuses on building healthy habits around your personality type. Fascinating stuff that really had me thinking about why I have the habits I do – and why some are harder to break than others.

So there you have it. 9 more days to go. We can do this. We might hate salads for a bit – but we’re doing it!!



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